FAQs about FIJI Mailer

What is the FIJI Mailer?

The Fiji mailer is a online e-mail message board for graduate and active members of the
Sigma Mu chapter of Phi Gamma Delta.  E-mail is sent to the message board and automatically routed to each person on mailer.  The mailer contains information regarding up coming events in the undergraduate chapter, MSU sporting events, graduate events and whatever else you would like to post.

It's basically the same as the bulletin board in the hallway or the book in the television room - except electronic. Everytime that someone makes an entry (composes an email) it is mailed to everyone in the chapter that has subscribed.

Who uses the FIJI Mailer?

Both undergraduates and graduates.

How do I subscribe?

First, you need an email account. We recommend one that is not used for either your work or shared with members of your family. Hotmail.com provides free email service where your can create an account expressly for this purpose.

Second, you must be listed in our graduate directory. Click on the following link to go to the graduate directory and add your directory information.

Third, in the graduate directory, make sure you provide an email address in the column titled PGD E Mail. Email addresses are extracted from this column on a periodic basis.

If you follow these steps, you should be subscribed to the FIJI Mailer and begin receiving mail within 2-3 days.

How do I unsubscribe?

Just remove the email address listed in the PGD E Mail column.

Please note: We regret that brothers choose to unsubscribe. If you do, please provide us with some feedback in order to improve this function.

How do I get a list of others on the mailer?

1. Send an email to the following address majordomo@lists.msstate.edu

2. Type the following in the body of the email: who pgd-mail

You will receive an email with a list of all the subscribers on the mailer. There are currently more than 160 subscribers. {Note: you can only do this from the email address that is subscribed to the mailer. Thus, if you are not subscribed, you will not be able to use this function}